2020 Gigs Canceled?

Over the weekend, a clickbait headline regarding the future of live music really took the Twitter world by storm. An overwhelming response of anxiety, stress & amusement flooded in as the prediction of "concerts not returning until next year" was being reported from a "healthcare professional." 

It's so easy to be affected by media nowadays, especially now that we're all in isolation & have little to no alternative outside influences. However, now is the time to take all the information we receive with a grain of salt. If everyone was to actually read this article provided by MetalSucks, they'd realize it's literally just one person's opinion. It also did exactly what they wanted: freak people out. I understand that healthcare experts want to share their findings & perspectives, but I don't think now is a great time to be fear-mongering for clicks. 

Photo by Nathan Rogers

We are all already stressed & anxious for what the future has in store for us, so there is no reason to be perpetuating worst-case scenarios this early in the game. I'm not suggesting to be blindly optimistic, but we also shouldn't be stressing out about events that haven't even occurred yet. Let's take it one day at a time, folks! 

In the meantime, sit back & enjoy our staff-curated playlist, "Quarantine & Chill."


Written by: Deirdre Kelly


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