5 New Songs For Isolation

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I'm not going to lie, I've been having a hard time finding inspiration on what to write about lately despite all the free time I now have. What's been helping distract me from the news & chaos of the world, has been new music releases! God bless the artists keeping us fed during this time! I figured I'd share some singles I've been thoroughly enjoying recently & who doesn't love LISTS, amirite??

"Plasticine Dreams" - Boston Manor

English punk band, Boston Manor has released a few singles to tease their upcoming album, Glue, due to drop May 1st. Plasticine Dreams was one of the latest drops, as the EP contains 3 other singles, a song featuring Trophy Eyes's John Floreani and the EP's title song: "Plasticine Dreams." This song in particular gave me a better perspective of the new direction Boston Manor is taking with this record. There has been a shift in sound with each of their album releases, which is always exciting & refreshing. This track's eery guitar vibrato is reminiscent of late 90's alternative rock with an addicting hook that'll have you singing along by the second chorus. If the full length is anything like the EP, I know I'll be listening to it nonstop.

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"Over It" - Hayley Williams


For those who may be living under a rock, Hayley Williams of Paramore has been releasing singles of her new solo project, Petals For Armor, since back in January. Every song has a distinct & unique sound yet complement each other beautifully. Her newest release, "Over It," has to be the most upbeat & optimistic track on the list so far. Williams couldn't have chosen a better time to release a hopeful single during these uncertain times. This song brings me late 80's vibes with electronic beats & layered vocals during the chorus making me wonder what genre Williams couldn't do. A perfect song to "clean" your room to or even workout (She actually made a workout video to the song here.)

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"VCR 666" - Charmer

Charmer's sophomore album, ivy, came out last week & I'm honestly obsessed. There are a few songs that I find myself going back to, but "VCR 666" has to be my favorite. They've managed to maintain that raw, punk sound that we all love while still diversifying each song with catchy choruses & impressive guitar riffs. This track in particular makes me crave a show really bad, during this live music drought, because I can only think about how good it would sound live. I'm also a sucker for upbeat tracks with heavy lyrics, which is a Charmer signature.

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"How Big Is Your Brain?" - Super American

Buffalo-based Super American dropped "How Big Is Your Brain?" at a great time as I really feel the springtime vibes with this one. I have an incredible urge to blast it with my windows down, melting away my seasonal depression. It honestly only took the first two seconds of this song to get me hooked. There has this underlying nostalgia to it as well, like it would have been on a mixtape with Vertical Horizon & Nine Days. The astrological lyrics was also a great touch.

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"Down" - Homesafe

Chicago breeds some pretty fantastic bands, Homesafe included. As we anxiously await a new full length record from the band, they released an acoustic EP last week, What's Mine Is Yours, to hold us over. The EP consists of two tracks, "Slide" & "Down" and while I do love them both, I had to choose just one for this article, ok! "Down" has the classic acoustic campfire-feel with overlaid piano pings & guitar plucking just making it another perfect springtime song. This song also helps you appreciate the time you have with the ones you love (even if it's against your will in quarantine) as it can get hard when you're away from each other. Check in on your friends & loved ones!

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Written By: Deirdre Kelly

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