A Social Justice Anthem: Super American & Young Culture Collab

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Two of our favorite alternative Buffalo bands, Super American & Young Culture, collaborated over this seemingly never-ending pandemic(/world crisis/apocalypse/whatever you may) to release a single titled "Why We're In The Streets," perfectly encapsulating all of our feelings of current events.


The track tackles the topic of systemic racism & police brutality that plagues our country; stressing the importance of empowering each other with love versus hate. "No one on Earth deserves to feel / Any less entitled to the air we breathe / That's why we're in the streets." This early-2000's-vibe soft rock anthem also mentions the frustration with constantly seeing harmful & offensive rhetoric circulating throughout social media-- something I'm sure we can all relate to. It's also important that we recognize how that may be affecting us negatively & take the time to step away every once & a while. 

With the release of this single, both groups pledged to donate all proceeds from their Bandcamp sales to Candles In The Sun, a local non-profit organization actively striving to better the community & working to overcome social injustices. There's also a bundle option with a long-sleeve merch item: here. We highly encourage you to support this cause & look into helping out any similar organizations near you. 

We have a long way to go, folks, but at least we have music to help us through in the meantime. Stay safe & educated 'til then.


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Written by: Deirdre Kelly
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