Album Review: Sweet Soul - 'So Far No Further'

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On Friday, January 22, California natives Sweet Soul released their debut album So Far No Further as a joint release between Chicago’s New Morality Zine and California’s High Desert label Extinction Burst. Last year the band released a cassingle “Do You Like Good Music?”, which is very fitting for their retro vibes, that featured two of the songs from the debut album and a Chuck Berry cover as a teaser. Now, the moment is finally here in all of its nostalgic glory.

So Far No Further is a crafted nod to California punk and Chicago hardcore. With the first instance of the record starting with “The Moment”, the band’s dedication to pushing boundaries and their dynamic songwriting was evident. While that track represented what they had to offer, “Noises Drown” is the band’s true form, fast-paced and addictive.

The album is a perfect blend of early punk influences and alt rock. From their classic lyricism and punchy notes, each track is packed with punk-ridden goodness of the likes of The Ramones, Talking Heads, and Pixies. Sweet Soul is the embodiment of what would happen if your favorite 70s punk outlet was active in your local DIY scene. It’s flair and bright riffs coupled with a homegrown feel that makes the music what it is.

The moment the album kicks off with “Some Nerve,” you’re hit with a wave of electricity that sets the tone for the record. That low chugging sound that you feel in your chest that makes you want to dance. “Like a Disease” keeps that momentum going before throwing you headfirst into the aforementioned “Noises Drown” and “The Moment.” If there was track that you could picture on the soundtrack of an angsty 90s teen flick it’s “No Control.”

The title track “So Far No Further” is a mover. The repetitive “woah oh, it’s not over” is quick to get stuck in your head for long after the record stops. “Space You Need” and “Diggin’ Your Grave” are both tracks you can picture at a live show with the audience moving in unison like a wave. “At Odds” slowed down vibes hit just right before closing things out with “All The Same” wrapping things up with neatly tied bow.

If you want old-school punk vibes with a modern twist, look no further. Sweet Soul delivers punch after punch and it’s only the beginning. So Far No Further is an upbeat and exciting debut album, we can’t wait to see what’s next.



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Written by Mikayla Anderson
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