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Fox Teeth Interview

Another gifted Jersey-based band, Fox Teeth, are progressively making their way into the scene with hard-hitting emotional alternative rock melodies while accumulating lots of love from fans on social media. The 3-piece group dropped their first LP Tite! at the end of October & created quite a buzz amidst the DIY scene. We got a chance to speak with the members about their latest release & future plans.  

Congrats on Fox Teeth’s debut full length, Tite!, how’s the response been to it so far?

ANDY (Drums): We’re really thankful for all the support that we’ve seen from our first album together. It’s been a lot of fun seeing some of our friends, family, and people we don’t even know enjoying the music. 

JADE (Vocals/Guitar): It’s been great. So many people are enjoy and relating to the album so far, and I’m so thankful that it’s being received well. 

RON (Bass): I think the response so far has been great and blew past my expectations for what people would think of it. Thanks to all who enjoyed!

What’s one track from Tite! that you feel the most proud of? Could be lyrically or sonically.

ANDY: I’m the most proud of "Photograph." It was a challenge for me to write and it went through a lot of different versions on the drums. I added tons of auxiliary percussion which was a lot of fun. Shooting the video with Matteo Palermo was a blast too.

JADE: "Photograph" for sure. It was the first song we started writing as a band and had the most complex recording process. Plus, it’s the only song we have a legitimate music video for, which came out amazing. 

RON: I have to go with Jade & Andy and say "Photograph" as well. I love how musical it is. I also love Jade’s singing in "Lost" and how it is actually about her puppy who got lost and not a human being. 

Was any of the production done during quarantine? If so, how did you adjust? 

ANDY: Pretty much the whole album was done during quarantine. "Donnie Darko" was the only song tracked pre-COVID in February. I was able to invest in a home recording set-up to track drums. We all recorded at different times; me at my house and Jade/Ron at NoodleShop with Aidan, the fourth member of Fox Teeth. There were some times we were all at the studio together but it was mostly remote recording or individual tracking at NoodleShop. 

JADE: The entirety of the album was done in quarantine with the exception of "Donnie Darko." Ironically, that song released just a few days after the first lockdown, and we focused on writing and recording the rest of the album from March to July of this year. We recorded everything separately so that there were less people in the studio at a time, just to be safe.


Your most streamed single, “Donnie Darko,” lyrically mentions details from the film, Donnie Darko. Do you often find inspiration from film/art or did that movie specifically just resonate with you? 

JADE: That movie definitely changed my life and I was very inspired by it. ”Donnie Darko” the only song I’ve written about a film (or really any other type of art), but I do take inspiration from a lot of movie tropes and plots that I can either relate to or find comfort in. 


If the country somehow gets back on track sometime next year, would you guys start making plans to tour? Or are you more focused on taking it one day at a time? 

ANDY: We’d definitely love to if possible. We’re really looking forward to when we can play shows even just locally again. At the same time, we’re still taking things day by day. We’ve just started demoing the next project so that’s really where our attention is now. 

RON: Fox Teeth is definitely looking to play a wider array of shows from all types of venues-- we have discussed tour and would certainly be down! At the same time, we are also super serious about recording and will take time to make the best quality songs we could possibly create, which of course takes some studio time!

JADE: Hopefully we can jump back into shows as soon as it’s safe to do so. I know we’ve already started working on a few new demos, but I would definitely put a pause on that for a short tour. We’ve been focused on writing new material in the meantime, though.


If you had the choice to tour with any artists/bands, who would be on that lineup?

RON: (Sandy) Alex G, Citizen, Balance & Composure if they were to get back together, Now, Now, or La Dispute

ANDY: In my wildest dreams, Modern Baseball reunites for a new album and tour and we open up for them for a few dates.

JADE: I’d love to tour with Paramore honestly. They’re big inspirations for me and it’d be a dream to open up a show for them. Now, Now would probably be my number one choice, though, because they’re my favorite band and I would say we have similar music styles.  

Check out their most recent live performance of "Anemia" from their first EP Poets and Ghosts. 


We guarantee Tite! will be one of your favorite records this year. Make sure you're following Fox Teeth on their socials so you can keep up & be in that pit when gigs are allowed again. Until then, be safe & smart!

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Written & interviewed by Deirdre Kelly
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