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These are overwhelming times to a lot of folks, but we can always count on music to help us through. If you haven't already heard about Portland's rising alternative rock band, Glacier Veins, this interview will be a nice introduction for you. We got a chance to speak to Malia Endres of Glacier Veins a few days ago about the band's new material & how they're acclimating to the quarantine lifestyle.  

Photo by: Kristina Dawn

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: how are you guys coping with the current quarantining situation?

Personally, I’m keeping in mind that this is a temporary situation. It’s easy to get caught up reading the news, overthinking and worrying, so I’ve been focusing on things I love, like walking, baking, and writing music. Despite the situation, I am staying grateful to have the time to do these things. I’m hopeful that coming out of it we can take what we have learned during this strange time to create a more sustainable way of living. 

As a band, we’ve been quarantining separately. We were on tour while the pandemic began unfolding more seriously and for a few days there was uncertainty with what was going to happen to the tour. It got to a point where we knew we needed to stop playing shows and get home. It was a 35 hour drive back to Portland at that point but thankfully we made it quickly and safely. We were hoping to spend this time working on new music, but the health and safety of everyone is the priority right now, so we’ll continue to quarantine until it is safe to get together.

At the end of February, you guys released your first full length album, The World You Want To See, which is fantastic by the way. What do you want to be the main takeaway from this record?

Thank you! There are different ways to explain the overall takeaway, but basically I want people to see the power they have in their own lives and experiences. The way we let situations affect us and the thoughts we allow or choices we make because of it plays a big part in how we think about ourselves and our lives. Realizing that there is a greater purpose to everything that comes in and out of my life has helped me to stay motivated and content, and I want to encourage others to find that mindset too.

How did you come up with the band name, Glacier Veins?

When I started the band as my solo project in 2015, I was trying to think of names that were meaningful or related to me. I was maybe going to go with lyrics from a song that meant a lot to me, but I was also thinking of other things that were a part of my life. I have bad circulation and my hands are always very cold; it’s something that people often point out about me, so I came up with Glacier Veins as I was thinking about that aspect of my life. 

What are some bands that you’d love to tour with in the future?

We’d love to tour with Basement, Deftones, Manchester Orchestra, Alvvays, Hot Mulligan, Sleep On It, Adventures (please come back), Heart Attack Man, Bearings. Literally we just want to tour with all the bands we love. This list could go on.  

On a long van ride, what are you listening to?

On this last tour I had a playlist of random vibey songs that gave me some good energy for a long drive. Or depending on who is driving, we’re listening to records by Title Fight, Tancred, Fiddlehead, Steely Dan, New Found Glory. This list could also go on.

All of your music videos cover various aesthetics & performances. How do you decide on what style of video to make in accordance with each single?

What we wanted to do with the music videos for the singles we had picked out came pretty easy with the different energy and meanings behind each song. We wanted one of the videos to have a story, and the music and lyrics for “Talk” felt fitting to do a more dramatic plot-centered video. “Everything Glows” is one of our high energy, good vibes songs so we wanted to do a performance video to express that energy and excitement. “Driveway” is all about getting together with people you love and enjoying each other’s company, so we showed that with a gathering of our friends and then the classic driveway hangout.    



What can we expect from Glacier Veins in 2020? 

Our main goal this year is to tour as much as possible. We hope we can still follow through with this plan as the year continues and the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to unfold. We’re happy to have our record out and that we were able to play some really cool shows already this year with Have Mercy, Fredo Disco, Young Culture and I’m Glad It’s You. We’re looking forward to getting back out there when it’s safe to do so!


As you're practicing social distancing, you can jam to their new record out now, The World You Want To See, so you're prepared when you see them live. Make sure to follow them on their socials too to stay up to date on the jams! 

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