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Life is still strange & uncertain but at least it gives us more time to be introduced to fresh, new music. This week, we got a chance to speak to rising alternative rock group, Heavenside, from Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Gianna, Dom, Troy & Vic all gave us their personal insight on the band's future plans & influences. Check it all out & fall in love below!

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For starters, how are you guys coping with the pandemic so far?

GIANNA: When I couldn’t see these guys back in March/April, I was practicing our new material, and posting drum covers on my Instagram account. I also listened to a ton of music, got really into watching basketball, and playing xbox with the guys in the band. Now, we’re in the studio that Victor partly owns (Little Brother Audio in West Philadelphia) pretty regularly, and I’m practicing in any way that I can aside from practicing with these guys. 

DOM: I’ve spent most of my time throughout the pandemic writing music and just trying to stay hopeful and creative.

TROY: Getting through it one step at a time. Around March and April it was a very difficult time not being able to see my bandmates, I believe the first time we were all able to see each other was back in May, we had our first practice back at it and it was like we never missed a beat. 

VIC: I think we're coping pretty well. We've been just coming into the studio every week to record and have had some pretty productive practices.


Ideally, once things start to pick back up again, do you guys plan to hit the road immediately or do you want to stay more focused on releasing music? 

GIANNA: Right now we’re in the process of demoing out a lot of new material. So, the hope is that we get drum studio time by the end of this year, and release new music next year. If the world is at an okay place for touring, I’d love to put together a weekender with our good friends in Regrown (from NJ), which I was trying to plan before the pandemic. 

DOM: The priority right now (like Gi said) is finishing up our debut album, but once we get the green light we will definitely be taking time to play to the faces we’ve missed so dearly!

TROY: Once things start to pick back up I think it would be ideal for the band to stay focused on releasing music. As much as we’re itching to play in front of people again, we have so much more in store. 

VIC: I think by the time everything's over we'll have the new record done or mostly done. I wanna play again asap for sure, as long as it's safe.


Your latest single, “We Gotta Be” is a fantastic alternative anthem with some really cool synth mixed in. Is that the kind of vibe that we’re going to hear more of in future projects? What should we expect?

GIANNA: We’ve used some synth elements before, but not in the way that it’s being used in the new music we’ve been writing and recording. 

DOM: Most definitely! We look at “We Gotta Be” as an introductory track to our new sound.

TROY: Yes, you will! You can expect a lot of synth-driven and hard hitting tunes.

VIC: Absolutely our new sound. Dom and I made that song in one night. We tracked everything at the studio til about 4 in the morning and then tracked the drums after. 

Earlier this month, Heavenside was featured on Rob from Rich People’s vodcast “Midconvo.” For those who haven’t seen it yet, what’s your relationship with them like? 

GIANNA: Rich People is kinda like our older brothers. Rob has been coming into the studio a lot more with us now, giving us advice on literally everything. They’re all great guys and I’m super thankful that we made that connection with them. 

DOM: Rob is an awesome guy, who we all collectively look up to not only as a musician, but a person. Rich People is just one of those bands that hits home for me personally and it’s awesome that we can call them our friends. 

TROY: We met Rob in January of 2019 we went to go catch his band Rich People play at a show in Jersey. After their set you do your thing and show respect ya know? I told him I really enjoyed their set and just talked for a few. And later on I ended up buying one of their hoodies. He makes you feel like you’re best friends after minutes of conversation. And up to this day we’re friends and we’ll hang out at our studio in West Philadelphia.

VIC: Troy got to know Rob at a show and eventually he started coming to our recording sessions since he lived close to my studio, Little Brother Audio. He's always been super supportive of our stuff and has helped us make key decisions in writing and just being a band in general. Great dude 10/10.


When you’re given the aux in the car, what are you playing?

GIANNA: My music taste goes all over the place, but right now I’d say anything from Tyler the Creator’s Cherry Bomb, to BADBADNOTGOOD’s IV, to The Story So Far Self-Titled

DOM: I’d have to pick "Devil’s Advocate" by The Neighbourhood or "Broad Strokes" by Rich People.

TROY: "Out West" by Travis Scott or "Ripple" by Vein.

VIC: Honestly? Grimes, Fiona Apple, and currently a lot of Radiohead.


Is Heavenside derived from any personal musical inspirations?

GIANNA: I grew up on The Beatles and their animated movie The Yellow Submarine. I’d say a lot of those classic rock bands (like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Clash), influenced part of how I approached Heavenside. More recently, I’ve been inspired by Tame Impala, Queens of The Stone Age, BADBADNOTGOOD, and even some Whitney.

DOM: Growing up, I was super into Blink-182 and more pop punk bands, but as you grow older your palette really changes. Now I’m really inspired by groups like Oasis, The Killers, and All American Rejects

TROY: My own personal musical inspirations growing up would be Korn, Rage Against the Machine, and Living Colour

VIC: Well [our] name comes from when I thought the Citizen song "Heaviside" was called "Heavenside" and it stuck.


What’s something you would love to accomplish as a band someday?

GIANNA: I really just want to make music that will resonate with a bunch of people and grow such a following that we’re playing bigger venues (whenever the world is ready for that) and can bring all our friends and loved ones with us to share the experience. 

DOM: Tour Europe!

TROY: I would absolutely love to tour out of the country someday!

VIC: I hope when Covid's over we can build some real, organic love for what we're doing. I hope someone’s excited to show one of our songs- even if it's just one person. That shit's so cool. 


For anyone being introduced to you for the first time, what would you want them to know about your band? 

GIANNA: Be prepared for a total departure from what you “thought” you knew Heavenside as.

DOM: We Gotta Be” is a taste of what's to come. 

TROY: ^^

VIC: I'd hope people give every one of these new songs a try. I'd like to say we have something for everyone on our upcoming release.

Photo by @artbyj4y

Make sure you're staying up to date with everything Heavenside, by following them on their socials, so you can tag along their exciting journey! Thank you again to Heavenside for taking the time to chat with FBT. "We Gotta Be" is OUT NOW so go check it out if you have taste. 

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Written & interviewed by Deirdre Kelly
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