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hospital bracelet interview

Counter Intuitive's Chicago-based emo-riffing rockers, Hospital Bracelet, are storming the scene's new generation with a fresh debut. South Loop Summer, released only a week ago, has already accumulated thousands of streams on Spotify. This emo three-piece consists of Eric Christopher (vox/guitar), Arya Woody (bass), & Manae Hammond (drums). We recently spoke with Eric about their debut record & musical inspirations.

Album Artwork for 'South Loop Summer' by Hospital Bracelet

How would you describe Hospital Bracelet for those who haven’t heard your music yet?

I would describe Hospital Bracelet as a riffy mix of emo and pop punk that has a very emotional lyrical basis. I’m really proud of South Loop Summer because it sounds like the music I’ve always wanted to make, while also holding very serious stories from my life in them. 

Have you found quarantine to be harmful or helpful to the band’s creative process?

Unfortunately, it’s been pretty harmful. Writing right now has been very difficult, but I think in the long run that means the music that comes out of this period for us will be that much more meaningful. I'm excited for that.

Congrats on your debut album, South Loop Summer! Is there a track on this record that you feel most attached to or most proud of?

I’m probably most proud of "Happy Birthday." That’s a song that I’m really proud of because it perfectly embodies my own growth as a musician. If you would’ve asked me two years ago to play that song, I wouldn't be able to. Knowing I wrote that really makes me happy, because not that long ago something that riffy or heavy would have seemed impossible to me. 

Photo by @pbrcutie

One of the tracks is titled “Sheetz vs Wawa,” yet doesn’t directly address this widely controversial competition in the lyrics. Which do you feel is superior and why?

Oh, it's Sheetz. No doubt. Does Wawa have Boom Boom sauce? No they do not. Nor do they have those mac and cheese bites. Sheetz is superior. 

You’ve seemed to gain a decent following from TikTok (17k+ followers). Maybe some fans were first introduced to Hospital Bracelet on there. Have you noticed any impact from your promotion through the app? 

Oh definitely! Lots of fans have come from TikTok and I think that’s actually my favorite way to promote the record because I get to have so much fun with it. There’s definitely been an impact and I’m really grateful for it. 

One of my favorite tracks from the album, “Feral Rat Anthem” is a very angry song-- I would hate to be the person that this is about. Do you warn people before you write a song about them or do you just kind of let it fester? [*content warning: sexual abuse*]

It kinda depends. A lot of my songs aren't really about one specific person, they usually incorporate a lot of different experiences. The happier cute songs are a lot easier to talk about. The songs where I’m obviously hurting, I’ve told most of the people but sometimes you’re in a place where you are kinda unable to. I can’t tell the person "Sheetz vs Wawa" is about that it’s about them, because I’d have to confront my r*pist. That’s some heavy stuff I don’t know if I’m ready for. 

Hospital Bracelet has a very unique sound overall. What are your musical influences or just artists you often gravitate to when listening in your spare time?

I think my biggest inspiration across the board is definitely Elliott Smith. He’s been my favorite artist for years. I think the music I’ve listened to the most recently is a lot of Third Eye Blind, Heart Attack Man, Joyce Manor, Stars Hollow, and Pedro The Lion. I've been gravitating away from a lot of classic emo and more into standard pop punk and 90's era radio rock too.

With a solid, ever-growing fanbase, Hospital Bracelet are inevitably bound for success. Keep up-to-date on Hospital Bracelet's musical journey by following them on socials & showing them your support. 

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Written & interviewed by Deirdre Kelly
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