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artist spotlight indighxst

I stand by my theory of some of the best acts coming from New Jersey; it's something in the water, I suppose. One of Jersey's rising post-hardcore acts, Indighxst, is sure to stir up some commotion this year.

The four-piece hard rock group have been around for a while now, but started picking up momentum most recently with Dreambound promotion & being featured on alternative rock duo, Nova Twins', Spotify playlist: "Voices For The Unheard" featuring a ton of inspiring POC alternative artists. 

Their most recent single, "Limbo," dropped at the end of last year. This track is one they claim to be very proud of & have every right to be so. "Limbo" is an addicting post-hardcore slow-burn that makes listeners instantly eager for more releases from this band. Their discography prior to this release reflects an impressive evolution but also just sheer talent because there truly isn't one bad song. The era they've been building over the past few years with singles like hard-grind "Pyromance" & elements of hip-hop in "Vision;" only solidify the inevitable height in attention they'll receive with a full project. 

Heavy music paired with heavy lyrics are an Indighxst specialty. It also seems to be evident that this group takes their craft very seriously & each release is very deliberate as each track holds its own power. First listen, you'll be hooked so make sure you take the time to digest each track because they are so multi-faceted that they deserve to be appreciated in its full form. It sounds like they have big plans down the road, so make sure you're keeping up with them!

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Written by Deirdre Kelly
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