EP Review: As Time Fades - 'Trust Fall'

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Cleveland, Ohio-- the city where the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame dwells and where pop punk band, As Time Fades, shreds. There must be a special kind of inspiration in the air when you're in proximity to the enshrined trailblazers of rock music. And these gifted DIY-Ohioans prove to be already making a mark in the scene with their latest release & sophomore EP, Trust Fall

Photo by Mariah Fritz
The EP kicks off with their first single of the new era, "Marionette." This track is a great introduction, specifically for first time As Time Fades listeners, as it's bound to hit home for anyone who has that unadulterated appreciation for that pop punk sound. Something listeners will also discover as they listen on, is the band's individual levels of musicianship, and it's showcased well in this single alone. Ultimately, "Marionette" is a certified head-banger and so is its successor, "Headway." "Headway," in particular, made me feel like I was back in the middle of a sweaty moshpit at Warped Tour. The intensity of the drum kicks with the captivating electric guitar riffs complement the song's intense ethos as frontman sings: "Good things always come to an end / It's a thought that never lets me down." Never mind the perfectly crafted opportunity for audience clapping & participation segment in the bridge. 
The third track on the EP, "Invisible," features neighboring Cleveland band, Elbow Room. There's an extra layer of grit added to this song instrumentally even though the vocals occasionally range to falsetto to even it out. It's when the striking breakdown begins, that the bass guitar & drums take charge to allude to the screams of Elbow Room's vocalist. (See below for the "Invisible" music video)
"Circles" is a track that builds and builds the longer you listen. First few seconds could lead you to believe it's going to be an emotional stripped-back ballad, but then you're kicked in the face with heavy guitar progressions and an anthemic chorus. Dare I say, it'd also be a great song to orchestrate a circle pit to. The following, "Hollow," was their second single leading up to the full release and another solid rock track. Personally, this track emanates elements of the pop punk group, Real Friends, who are also known for captivating their listeners with these musical attributes. 
Nearing the end is (probably my favorite of the bunch) track 6: "Meant To Be." Guaranteed; within the first 5 seconds, the guitar riffs will have you hooked. The addicting chorus, cymbal crashes and density of the guitars are enough to make anyone want to recklessly mosh. To catch our breath, we have the final acoustic track, "Counterweight." Lyrically, this song touches on being emotionally lost now that you've gone separate ways with someone who once helped you remain emotionally stable. It's during the instrumental break into bridge, where piano echoes and layers of angelic harmonies move from the background to the  same frame of focus as the main melody. It delicately fades out and concludes... until you realize you have the EP on repeat and the beginning of "Marionette" re-jumpstarts your heart.
As Time Fades know exactly what they're doing & they're doing it well. Their EP, Trust Fall, is a great example of that & just another reason why you should support. Information on where to find them & where to listen is all below!
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Written by Deirdre Kelly
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