EP Review: Holy Figures - 'Luck of the Draw'

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Sometimes we get so caught up in new music releases, that we miss some real gold along the way. Fear not, I'm here to take you back pre-pandemic for a second & guide you to some quality content. Hailing from North Carolina is three-piece rock group, Holy Figures, who dropped their debut EP, Luck of the Draw, at the very beginning of last year. 

These four tracks of Luck of the Draw all have their own personality while also being one wonderfully cohesive blend. "Beatrice" kicks the door off the hinge with heavy electric guitar progressions & a haunting melody with a flavor reminiscent of your favorite post-hardcore bands such as Deftones. The following woman and/or track, "Lucille," is darker euphonious tune as it lyrically refers back to addiction. There's an instrumental crescendo at one point of the song that truly orchestrates these emotions. "Margaery" begins with slow, evocative vocals & drawn out guitar riffs as the uptempo percussion leads them into the build-up of the chorus & then back down. This track has a few tight breakdowns emulating moments of nu-metal before transitioning into the finale, "Eleanor." We're welcomed with heavy-hitting guitar progressions before a chillingly melodic chorus: "Now I feel her breath on my neck / Goosebumps surface." These goosebumps are mutual. Overall, this EP showcases Holy Figures' talents & vision in such a fresh & exciting way. 

Check their release with New Morality Zine that presents the EP in a cassette format with some tarot cards designed by our very own, Liz Mercer. 

Make sure you're following along with Holy Figures, so you know when the drop more addicting tracks. 

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Written by Deirdre Kelly
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