Grayscale Boston Pop-Up Popped Off

(photo by Jordan Mizrahi)

Despite the very last minute venue change & the 2-hour delay due to insane traffic, Grayscale still came through & pulled off a great pop-up event in Somerville, Massachusetts last week. The Philadelphia band announced a run of pop-up events to promote their upcoming album, Nella Vita (which will be released 9/6), where they hit Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City & Boston all in one week. I got the chance to swing by their Boston pop-up show to see what all the buzz was about. The band described these events as a “birthday party for the record, a merchandise thrift and a mini show all in one,” so needless to say my interest was peaked.

(photo by Jordan Mizrahi)

Boston’s event got a late start but they wasted no time getting right into things. About 60-70 people were gathered around to enjoy a little acoustic set by the boys including their singles, “Painkiller Weather” & “In Violet” as well as the fan-favorite “Atlantic” from their last record Adornment. Shortly after the sing-a-long, they gave us a rundown of the surrounding activities including: piñatas, arts & crafts, a magician, a photo-op with the head cut-out of the album cover, first listening station of Nella Vita & “Pin The Man Bun On Nick Veno” (their drummer) amongst the plethora of donuts and exclusive merchandise sprinkled in between. Everyone was given different colored tickets at the beginning of the event so it was easier to organize the piñata station, so once our color group was announced, we were sent to take a swing at the piñata which was run by their guitarist, Andrew Kyne. The piñatas were either in the shape of Nick Veno’s head, a flower or a guitar & each was obviously stuffed with treats but also some surprise tickets to their Boston show!

(photo by Jordan Mizrahi)

Their merch table was run by their bassist, Nick Ventimiglia, where they displayed their exclusive pop-up items including hoodies, tees, tote bags & copies of Nella Vita on vinyl & CD’s before its official release. I will not disclose how much money I dropped. Mind ya business. The table adjacent to their impeccable merch game had a ton of polaroids from video & album shoots as well as a raffle to win the lead singer, Collin Walsh’s, sweatshirt that he wore in one of their new music videos for “In Violet.” Next to THAT, was Vinny, AKA the magician of the night: doing loads of crazy card tricks and contortions that kept his audience intrigued with every move. When you weren’t being thoroughly entertained by Vinny or someone blindly swinging at a piñata that wasn’t there because Andrew was holding & swinging it… you could get a polaroid taken with Collin in front of a giant Nella Vita album cover to then decorate at the arts & crafts station! Cute!!!

(photo by Jordan Mizrahi)

We soon found ourselves at the “Pin The Man Bun On Nick Veno” station ran by Nick Veno himself. This sounds exactly like what you would think: pin the tail on the donkey only it’s a tuft of fake hair that you pin onto a Nick Veno instead of a donkey. Blindfolded & spun around a few times, I didn’t even manage to get on the poster board. Anyone who succeeded (essentially got a bullseye) was rewarded with a free copy of Nella Vita! Although I continued to epically fail at every mini game, I spotted some crumpled up concert tickets that fell from the last piñata smash, so naturally I snagged them & now the friend I dragged to this event will be dragged to their show in October! Grab your tickets to the Boston show here, they’re running low.

(photo by Jordan Mizrahi)

A table set in the corner of the room was for fans to have a first listen to the album. This included 3 pairs of headphones plugged into a turntable with their vinyl spinning & lyric booklets to use for reference. I also now have Nella Vita in my possession & I honestly haven’t stopped listening to it since. They really did something different & special with this one so you’re going to want to grab one yourself on September 6th (which is also the day they’ll be performing at Sophomore Slump Fest?!?) Anyways, don’t kick yourself for missing their first ever headlining tour ever because you forgot. So do it now!! It’s starting soon!!!

Get your tickets here

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