Green Day Drops Music Video for “Oh Yeah!”

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Green Day tumbled down the YouTube rabbit hole in the video for “Oh Yeah!,” the next single on their upcoming album Father of All… 

The video, directed by Malia James features autotune, glittery keyboard riffs, and Mike Dirnt as a lazy security guard.*

The best way to tackle this track is to look at it as if this is a new band. Does it sound anything like Green Day did 10, let alone 15 years ago? Absolutely not. Will this still probably be one of those songs you Shazam this summer only to gasp and say “no fucking way?” yes.

Sure, one third of the song is just cheerleader gang vocals while Billie Joe Armstrong croons one syllable, but it tests well with the kids.

 Father of All… comes out February 7, via Reprise/Warner Records.



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Written By Tony Peppers

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