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Our 2019 Sophomore Slump friends, Grayscale, have recently partnered with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to remember the lead singer's cousin, Thomas Walsh, and to help others along the way.

At their hometown show in Philadelphia last year, the band paid tribute to Thomas with an incredibly poignant yet uplifting performance of "Tommy's Song" from their latest album Nella Vita. Frontman, Collin Walsh, stood solo with a heavy heart for the first half of the song. By the bridge, the rest of the band and a gospel choir joined him on stage to help sing to the heavens, truly signifying that you are not alone. I was actually a part of the crowd that night & can confidently say it was a moment I will never forget. You can see their moving performance below.

Grayscale has immortalized Thomas Walsh through the power of music. Music also has the power to create togetherness & community, which is why it's important that we all come together for causes like this. Mental health is just as important as physical health, but one is more visible than the other, which is why we need to bring more awareness to it. AFSP's mission statement is to "save lives & bring hope to those affected by suicide." I urge you to donate what you can to this cause / organization & spread awareness. DONATE HERE.

Photos by: Jordan Mizrahi

Written by: Deirdre Kelly


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