Honesty Hour

Life is currently very strange, as I'm sure it is for most people. It feels inappropriate to advertise various media that doesn't pertain to anything beneficial to our current state. It also feels irresponsible to not be constantly plugged into the current news & plethora of information at our fingertips. At least it does for me. As I spoke with many other people about this, it seems as though many feel very similarly, which is why I wanted to briefly talk about it. 
Right now, it's so easy to get caught up in headlines, viral videos & random information that your uncle shares on Facebook. It's also very difficult to remain positive while there is no prospective "end date" to it all (from the pandemic to racial injustice to police abolition, etc.) Now, more than ever, I've been conditioning myself not to dwell on the unknown & things out of my control. It's obviously mind-numbingly frustrating seeing people disobey safety precautions & putting on gigs with complete disregard of consequences, but it's also something that I can't control. As someone who's self-employed in the live music industry, it's so easy to admit defeat to the headlines saying that live music won't return for another year or so. But the fact of the matter is (like I said in the beginning of the pandemic in reference to similar headlines) that we literally do not know the future. Do not let a few "experts" scare you from living at your fullest potential despite the stupid idiots spending their days protesting a mask. 
BASICALLY, my point of this whole tangent wasn't to preach the cliché of "It Gets Better!" because who actually knows. Rather, it was to stress the importance of being self-aware & pulling yourself out of the rut of 2020. If you notice yourself becoming all-consumed by the media, then try managing time on your phone more efficiently (like the Screen Time > Down Time feature on the iPhone.) If you notice yourself sitting for a long period, go for a walk. Simple things like that can help in the long-run. 

Please be safe & smart! FBT cares about you & we can't wait to have you back at our shows!

So, I'm gonna be honest, I wrote this whole thing that took over an hour & then it was deleted. Now I'm feeling very defeated & unmotivated to replicate my exact phrasing of things, so I apologize for the mess & brevity of this piece. 
Written by: Deirdre Kelly

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