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Unfortunately, the start of a new decade hasn’t been great for everyone… specifically Australia. Australia is virtually the same size as the United States. So, to put it in perspective: it would be as if at least 30 of our states were experiencing wide-spreading wildfires. Granted, the United States has a denser population while a lot of Australia’s land is spread open with great wildlife. This, however, shouldn’t change the level of urgency. Just the other day it was recorded that over 500 million animals have been killed by these fires. That is half a BILLION creatures lost & these bushfires are not ceasing any time soon, so even more lives are at risk. Koalas, specifically, have become a main concern considering the fact they depend heavily on their surroundings for safety. We’ve lost thousands of koalas since this tragedy, on top of them already being extremely vulnerable to extinction along with grey-headed flying-foxes (or giant bats.)

These wildfires are threatening Australia’s citizens as well. Over 200 million tons of CO2 has been emitted into the air, creating a toxic environment beyond just the flames themselves. Lives & hundreds of homes have been destroyed.

So what can we do? Inform others about this travesty & donate what you can while encouraging others to do the same. And although it may be our first instinct to donate clothes & food immediately, Red Cross states that they aren’t able to take everything & distribute it properly during this time. However, if you would rather donate goods than money, Givit (link below) is a charity that organizes items for those in need. Local Red Cross retail stores are also an option since funds raised from selling their products goes towards their work, including the bushfire relief (more info @abcnews_au). Please take the time to consider how you can help. They need all of the help they can get.


Givit Charity

Red Cross AUS

Adopt a Koala

NSW Rural Fire Service

WIRES - Wildlife Emergency Fund



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