Ice Nine Kills - "The Silver Stream" REVIEW

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In a time where concerts are non-existent thanks to a global pandemic, live streams are becoming the new way for bands to connect with their audiences and fans can virtually enjoy shows from the safety of their home. Just in time for Halloween, Ice Nine Kills blessed their fans with “The Silver Stream” – a broadcast event followed by an exclusive Zoom Q&A in conjunction with the release of their new live album I Heard They Kill Live. I Heard They Kill Live, out now via Fearless Records, features a 19-track set recorded live at the Worcester Palladium on November 30th, 2019 during their sold-out annual “Thankskilling Fest." The album is available digitally, on CD and as a double vinyl LP along with a variety of merchandise bundles. In anticipation for the album, INK released a live recording of “Stabbing In The Dark” inspired by the hit John Carpenter flick, Halloween

The event opened with an exclusive tour of the Stu Macher’s house in Wes Craven’s iconic 90s film, Scream, led by frontman Spencer Charnas. Ice Nine Kills has always been one to combine their love of horror and music so for fans, this was the perfect way to set the scene before the feature presentation. The live show was shown in-between INK’s makeshift horror film led by Moseley where a mysterious killer known only as “The Silence” offed everyone one-by-one, leaving behind a bloody display of carnage. The clips were delightfully cheesy in the same way a slasher film is, which played out perfectly in-between songs inspired by films like A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th, An American Werewolf in London, and others.  

During the stream, fans could interact via chat. Those that purchased RIP tickets could join the exclusive Zoom meeting, where fans decked out in INK merch and Halloween costumes would appear on the “Psycho-Cam” during the broadcast. It was only fitting that yours truly made an appearance during my two favorite songs “Hell In The Hallways” and “IT Is The End”. After the show, those on the Zoom were joined by the band for a 30-minute Q&A. Being in the Zoom was reminiscent of being among the crowd, surrounded by kids covered in fake blood while singing along to your favorite songs. 


The stream was a fantastic display of what makes an INK show such a remarkable experience. The immense theatricality, their dedication to the macabre, and their fiery stage presence that engulfs you from the moment they step onto the stage. The show included so many fan-favorites like “Communion Of The Cursed”, "Me, Myself, & Hyde”, “The Jig Is Up”, “The Fastest Way To A Girl’s Heart Is Through Her Ribcage” and many others. According to Spencer, the show and the Worcester Palladium hold a special place in the heart of INK’s history, having had their first ever show there just 18 years ago at a battle of the bands event (they didn’t win). Charnas said, “The concert is pictured in this album insert. 18 years later we sold out the very same 3,000 capacity venue and recorded this live album there—a full circle moment that I will never forget.”

Fans can purchase commemorative merchandise items as well as the new live album I Heard They Kill Live on


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Written & reviewed by Mikayla Anderson
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