Intervention Show: Review & Gallery

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Jacksonville "space rock" boys, Intervention, took the stage at Once Ballroom in Somerville, MA later last week & gave a stellar performance. They joined Sundressed & Stickup Kid for a late summer run from Florida to New Jersey. Boston was also lucky enough to get our friends bloom. on the bill as well (as you'll see some shots of their set below too.)

I discovered Intervention a while ago on Spotify when their song "Blur," from their 2017 Too Much TV EP release, came up on one of my Discover Weekly playlists. Since then, I've been really excited to see where these guys are going to go especially since they proved to put on a kickass show too. 


Although it seems as though they've wrapped up their tour for the season, you'll definitely want to keep on eye out to see when they get back out on the road. In the meantime make sure to check out their stuff & follow them on all the socials!

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Some bonus pics of bloom.

(Photos by: Deirdre Kelly)

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