Meet Me @ The Altar: New Singles

Recently, we've been blessed with some new singles teasing the full length debut of pop-punk trailblazers, Meet Me @ The Altar. They've also recently announced that they're now partnered with APA Agency; only making the anticipation for tours coming back even higher. 


The first single, "May the Odds Be in Your Favor," was dropped a few weeks ago & elicited an incredible audience response. (Over 2,000 streams in less than 24 hours of its official release.) 40,000 streams later, it's worked it way to one of their most played songs as fans trademark it as their isolation-anthem. This track begins with vocalist, Edith Johnson, yelling "I'm doing my best!" as the fast-paced drums & guitar kick in-- instantly initiating a circle pit in your mind. Just as you're mentally running around, it takes a turn with the chorus as it takes you on a rollercoaster of unexpected & thrilling beat drops. The perfect blend of an addicting chorus & fully energized verses; it's no wonder fans can't stop listening to it.


"Garden" was the following single, just released last Friday, the 15th. This track feels musically heavier during the verses while lyrically being lighter & hopeful. A vow to stay by someone's side during their struggles symbolized through flowers blossoming & creating a bountiful garden. Meet Me @ The Altar are masters at breakdowns and this song's breakdown is no different-- truly masterful. These two singles alone make it evident that their new material on the horizon is no joke!

Stream "May the Odds Be in Your Favor" & "Garden" now! Also, make sure you're following the band on their socials, so you can stay up to date with these straight fire tunes & you'll know when they swing by a city near you (once Miss Rona allows for it.)


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Written by Deirdre Kelly

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