Morningside Lane - "These Are Our Years" Album Review

album review

New Jersey-bred indie-rock band, Morningside Lane, dropped their debut full-length record titled These Are Our Years on Sept. 4th. After giving it a spin ourselves, we figured we'd give a brief run-down on why you should spin it too.

It can be really difficult to set yourself apart from other artists sometimes. It's so common to see recycled material or heavy influences overtake overall talent of bands. Morningside Lane, however, seem to effortlessly combine notes of nostalgic classic rock with a modern alternative twist, leaving the listener intrigued with anticipation for more. Even with the resonance of frontman, Marc Del Giudice, with vocals very reminiscent of some 80's rock vocalists such as Bret Michaels or David Coverdale. 

Their dynamic skillset is evidently showcased through their first two singles, "Glass Skin" & "Under The Notion." Both singles prove to be impossible not to groove along to with the wonderfully galvanic guitar riffs & addicting hooks. Diving further into the album itself, we're taken on a ride of emotions. Marc Del Giudice explains the protagonist of the record as "rebuild[ing] their life from rock bottom, describing the beauty, pain, and confusion of the process." Comprehensively, describing These Are Our Years as "a story of liberation." The listener will come to understand this concept further as they embrace the poignancy of slower tracks like "Vidya" & "Lucky" and celebrate with the more anthemic tracks like "In Our Prime." This combination of evocative rock'n'roll roots & catchy overtones of your favorite indie rock band create a perfect soundtrack for you to bid adieu to the summer season.



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Written by: Deirdre Kelly
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