New Release: "Maximal" by Empty Atlas

Mississippi alternative rock band, Empty Atlas, dropped their new single yesterday titled "Maximal" to tease their upcoming sophomore record Kairos

The track's introduction focuses on the vocals with muted guitar strumming to build up the anticipation. Guitar riffs and the full melancholy yet groovy rhythm ensues shortly after. Lyrics of encouragement flow throughout the melody; giving it your all or "maximal effort" in pursuing your goals. With some retrospective lyrics like: "I'm already past 25 / Some of my best years are behind me." (As someone who just turned 25, I felt this.) The vocal stylings also remind me of Bear's Den, who I'm also a big fan of. By the time the song builds up to the powerful bridge, you assume another chorus will follow but it ends! Although, it's abrupt-- it's fitting. It makes you want to press repeat & experience the rollercoaster of feelings all over again.

"Maximal" will be available to stream & purchase on April 24th via Carved From Stone Records. Til then, make sure you're following them so you know when more jams drop.

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Written by: Deirdre Kelly

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