New Single Review: Homesafe - "Coming Clean"

homesafe single review

One of Chicago's finest rock groups right now, Homesafe, blessed us with a new single this Friday. This track, "Coming Clean," sounds like a perfect upbeat prelude to new material on the horizon. 

The track begins with the rhythmic guitar panning back & forth between speakers before introducing vocalist, Ryan Rumchaks. As it progresses, a bit quicker now with the illusion of an impending chorus as they gradually slow it down, but instead kicks off back into another addicting verse. Something I often admire about Homesafe is how they always switch up the structure of their songs. Now that we've been teased plenty, the drums crescendo into to the anticipated chorus with harmonies guiding us back in to the resting position of this musical rollercoaster. Building our way up to another lift hill, we experience a wonderful & angsty drop back down with layered melodies and the song's signature guitar riff. Not too long, we find ourselves leveling out & nearing the end of the ride as it shifts completely to an acoustic outro, wondering how you survived but wanting to experience it again & again.

Needless to say, if you aren't following Homesafe by now, here's your chance to begin. TONIGHT they'll also be streaming LIVE on Twitch, performing some of your favorites & perhaps this new track. Only one way to find out!


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Written by Deirdre Kelly
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