New Single Review: "Icarus" by Bleacher Days

bleacher days single review

After a few years of reflection, the pop punk group, Bleacher Days, announced their comeback with an exciting new sound. 

Mentioned in their Instagram post about a month ago, they expressed their desire to branch out & not be confined to just one genre. Their latest single, "Icarus," was the shining example of a dynamic project they had withheld for years because of this concern. Very few people listen to only one genre of music, so why should artists be restricted to just one certain sound? Bleacher Days proved to us with this single that they can do anything they want.

"Icarus" is introduced as a pulsating dulcet track incorporating their new emo pop stylings. The intricate layers of a trembling bass to the meticulous guitar loops make it impossible not to play on repeat while dissecting a new element each listen. The haunting vocals are wonderfully woven between each chorus to create the perfect balance of danceability & tranquility. Not to mention, you'll be singing along to the chorus by the second spin. If the subsequent releases are anything like this addicting track, this new era of Bleacher Days will be one you'll want to follow. 

Stream "Icarus" now! 


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Written by: Deirdre Kelly
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