New Teaser Gives Four Year Strong Fans Brain Pains

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It’s been a silent couple of years for Four Year Strong fans, but it seems the wait is over.

Early today, Rock Sound published a photo on Facebook of a skrim at UNIFY Gathering Festival that reads: “FOUR YEAR STRONG, BRAIN PAIN.  NEW ALBUM OUT FEBUARY 28, 2020.” The skrim also contains graphic imagery that can be assumed to be album art.

courtesy Wall Of Sound's Facebook page

If this is any basis to go off of (and it probably is), that means we’ll have our first full-length Four Year Strong album in half a decade and it will be titled Brain Pain.

Their last official album was in 2015 with the release of their self-titled effort. In 2017, they released Some of You Will Like This, Some of You Won’t, an acoustic album that featured re-worked versions of previously released tracks as well as select unreleased tracks.

More interesting than the new album “announcement” is the lack thereof from any official entities surrounding the band. Rock Sound seems to be nearly the only source (aside from us *sunglasses emoji*) that has reported on it.

Even social media seems to be asleep in wake of the news. The only lead we have to go on is a change on the band’s twitter bio. As usual, it lists the band members but now it’s accompanied by the date 1.14.20.

For the calendar inept, that’s tomorrow.

What does this mean? Can we expect an official announcement for Brain Pain? A new single? A video? Hopefully all three, but for now it must really suck to be a Four Year Strong fan…. until tomorrow.

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Written By: Tony Peppers

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