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I sat down recently at a Waffle House with Zach Edwards and Gunnar Henderson of Fire & Flood. We spoke about the band, hardcore and their faith. Here is how it went.

When did Fire and Flood start?

ZE: It was an idea in 2012 we all had an idea of what we wanted the band to be then I left(for the Army) I came back and we got it going 7 months ago.

GH: So I guess August of 2018

Who do you draw influences from as a band; as a vocalist?

ZE: Have Heart, Modern Life is War, It Prevails

GH: Have Heart, The Warriors, any hardcore band that has raw, passion driven vocals.

What does F&F stand for? As a band what you passionate about?

GH: Self awareness, holding yourself accountable. This “callout culture” has become big recently which is good and bad because while we don’t want people’s dark actions to be hidden allowing them to continue to do them we need to also remember to hold ourselves accountable and call ourselves out on our missteps.

I remember when I last saw F&F you(Gunnar) were intro-ing a song, and you sent it out to yourself the topic of the song resonated with myself and a few people I spoke with at the show can you elaborate more about that song?

GH: The song is called “Double Life,” and it’s about how for the majority of 2018 I was living my life as a hypocrite I was struggling with depression, thoughts of suicide and a pornography addiction. I was hiding this away and pretending everything was OK and was just going along with my life telling half truths and whole lies and just living like an a**hole. I finally got fed up and called myself out to important people in my life and told the I’ve been messing up and i need help. The point of the song is be aware of when you’re slippin and be brave enough to call yourself out and commit to do better.

What upcoming plans do you have?

GH: We are recording an EP after our February weekender. We want to continue to play as many weekends as possible building up to some longer runs later in the year.

What are some of your fondest memories tied to HC?

ZE: Being terrified at my first show

GH: There was a fest around 2008 at a venue called the Oasis. I had been going to shows for a little while at this point but this was the first show some of the older kids interacted with me and I really felt a part of the scene.

What does hardcore mean to you?

ZE: Hardcore was an escape out of my life. In middle school my mother passed & I got involved with the wrong crowd. Somehow I came across the first show that I went to. The music showed me that everyone had something that they were going through and I felt welcomed knowing that wasn’t the only one with a screwed up life.

GH: Hardcore to me was the most dysfunctional loving family that I never knew I wanted. It was chaotic and violent but always felt like home.

What's your day job?

GH: I’m a Tattooer and Ordained Minister

ZE: I’m a rental representative for Penske truck rentals

What upcoming shows do you have?

Feb 15- Garner, NC with AVOID, Great American Ghost, Insvrgence, & Feverwar

Feb 16- Columbia, SC with AVOID Insvrgence, & Feverwar

Feb 22- Moncks Corner, SC with Backslide, Chain of Torment, and Remain and Sustain.

Find Fire & Flood online at:
Instagram: @firefloodHC
Twitter: @FFloodHC
Facebook: /firefloodHC

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