Pinkshift - New Single "Rainwalk" (& B-Side) Review

pinkshift review

We know you've been playing "i'm gonna tell my therapist on you" by Pinkshift on repeat all summer, because so have we. So, you'll be thrilled to hear about their latest autumnal grunge releases: "Rainwalk" and complementary B-side "Toro."

Photo by Leigh Ann Rodgers

Most alternative rock lovers, like myself, often find themselves gravitating towards the same dark & angsty records, such as Feel Something by Movements, as the weather get colder. These new tracks from Pinkshift share that perfect balance of angst & energy we crave as seasons change. Their B-side, "Toro," would be such a power-move of a set opener when shows come back around. The track immediately gets your blood pumping with upbeat guitar progressions & vocalist, Ashrita Kumar, euphonious screams coming to an abrupt instrumental slowdown transitioning you into the next song seamlessly. 

"Toro" is a great preparation for the following fast-tempo punk anthem, "Rainwalk." The hook at the beginning is enough to make you invested & by the chorus, you'll already be adding it to your favorite playlist. It's the layers of mosh-pit-inducing crash cymbals, addicting guitar riffs & electric vocals that create such a powerful single. The exhilaration only increases as the breakdown begins with the signature dark electric guitar progressions overlaid with its feedback before welcoming Kumar's dominating vocals (that note at 3:00, like are you kidding). And if you weren't jumping around in the beginning, you definitely will be during the outro as the tempo picks up even more before it kicks you in the face at the very end. 

It's safe to say, Pinkshift knows exactly how to make addicting, angst-ridden punk anthems. "Rainwalk" & "Toro" are great indicators of how versatile their sound can be, as well. It only makes listeners even more intrigued of what they'll release next! So, it's time to wake up & stop sleeping on Baltimore's rising punk rock group! Ways to stay in the loop linked below.


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Written by Deirdre Kelly
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