Single Premiere: Dizzy Bats - "Alone"

dizzy bats premiere single review

If you’re seeking solace during these times of isolation, let us recommend NYC-based rock group Dizzy Bats & their latest single, “Alone,” to lift your spirits. While the lyrics describe the mundane & emotionally draining daily routine of quarantine, this track wonderfully juxtaposes the subject with an energizing rock melody. 

The song begins with isolated vocals & precise guitar progressions before the full band kicks in. Before you know it, the listener is sucked into the hook’s crescendo and anthemic chorus with spurts of electrifying guitar riffs. As the single builds, so does a noticeable frustration in the vocals from Connor Frost & Dave Ma, making the stir-crazy lifestyle of being alone evident. Towards the end of the track, layers of vocals produce the essence of a crowd repeatedly shouting along the lyrics with frontman Frost: “This way, I’ll never drink alone,” bringing us to the poignant solo closing vocals of “this way, I’ll never die alone.”   

It’s safe to say this new single from Dizzy Bats is not only relatable for most, but also acts as a great source of comforting company during this time. They'll be releasing a self-titled LP on February 19thMake sure you’re following Dizzy Bats in the meantime to stay up to date!




Written by Deirdre Kelly
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