Single Review: Chemical Fix - "Revolver"

chemical fix hardcore single review

If you're in the Philadelphia hardcore scene, then you're likely familiar with Philly's own Chemical Fix. If you're not, then us introduce you to the Safe Inside Records group & their new single. Chemical Fix dropped a brand new single on June 2nd titled "Revolver," introducing their succeeding debut LP, Our Shade Casts Far due to release later this year. Listen to it for yourself!

"Revolver" is a reinvigorated culmination of their predecessors. The thrashing drum hits & gritty guitar riffs immediately lead us into a perfect nonstop-circle-pit song. Their lead vocalist's screams complement the intensity of the music so well it's almost nostalgic to Have Heart. This new track is bound to instigate high anticipation for the full length album especially considering it's their debut LP & with the drought of gigs is replenishing. 
Coincidentally, Chemical Fix, and many more local hardcore bands will be performing at The Return of Philly HXC on July 10th in Sellersville, PA. There will be a barbecue & proceeds will be helping pitbulls! Sounds like the perfect combination of entertainment, food & relief. (See poster for info below)
Check out their latest merchandise drop through Deathwish to PRE-ORDER their upcoming record featuring this single: HERE.
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Written & reviewed by Deirdre Kelly
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