Single Review: Gully Boys - "Russian Doll"

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If you're an active listening member of the DIY-scene, you're likely already familiar with the Minneapolis trio, Gully Boys. They've been kickin' ass & takin' names for a few years now and it seems to be only going up from there. They've newly signed to Get Better Records, who also represents the group we talked about a few weeks ago, VIAL. And boy did Gully Boys bring the heat this summer with their latest single, "Russian Doll," kicking off this hot new era.

Photo by Juliet Farmer
I remember listening to their track "Neopet Graveyard," a few years ago, from their Freshman LP, Not so Brave, and being immediately impressed. I can't lie, the title alone was great bait & was ultimately the reason I first listened. But I'm so glad I did because I can truly appreciate the growth in this group's musicality. 
"Russian Doll" is a prime example of how they've refined their craft & mastered that addicting grunge rock sound we all love. Lead vocalist, Kathy Callahan, has a tonality made for the gritty, alternative genre and its complemented greatly throughout with twanging guitars & backing vocals from both bassist Natalie Klemond & drummer Nadirah McGill. The track's signature line: "there's no one coming to make things right" lends itself as an anthemic chant throughout, as we unveil the sonic Russian doll within the self-critical verses. By the blood-pumping bridge, we're at the top of the musical rollercoaster guided by the percussion & dropped back down to the part where we want to scream along. Gully Boys said themselves that it's the perfect song to "scream to at the top of your lungs" and they were RIGHT.
This new wave of punk surely has Gully Boys onboard & we're definitely enjoying the ride. Make sure to get onboard yourself & show them some love, as they prove to be some of the most creative bands in the scene right now.
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Photo by Juliet Farmer
Written by Deirdre Kelly
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