Single Review: iDKHOW - "Debra" (Beck Cover)

idkhow single review

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (or iDKHOW) have been having a fantastic past few weeks. Just last week they performed “Leave Me Alone” from their most recent release “Razzmatazz” on Ellen, making this their second live television performance, (succeeding their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!) The aforementioned track also hit #1 at Alternative Radio last month. 

Additionally, last week iDKHOW released a new track, a cover of Beck’s 90s hit “Debra”. The duo tweeted “In 1999, Dallon fell in love with Beck’s song “Debra” from ‘Midnight Vultures.’ After covering it on tour for a while, we decided to record it. This is that” along with the link to the track. 

The cover is as silky smooth as the original, both Weekes and Ryan Seaman show off just how funky-fresh they can be. Their cover is like a smooth, drip of honey full of soul that’s sweet enough to taste. Seaman’s funky drum beats, thumping a rhythm on your chest, paired with the soulful riffs and Weekes’ insane falsettos made for an incredible cover that’s bound to be played on repeat in your head. 

Check out iDKHOW’s video for “Debra,” edited by John Howe. Keep an eye on their socials for more to come!

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Written by Mikayla Anderson
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