Single Review: Life In Idle - "Waterwell"

life in idle pop punk single review

The state of Ohio seems to harbor some impressive musical talents. Kettering, Ohio happens to be the birthplace of this rising pop punk band, Life In Idle. The four-piece rock group has trickled singles throughout the years, guiding them to a more lucid idea of what a full project would sound like. Their latest single, "Waterwell," was released earlier this month & is another great example of what they're musically capable of.

The music video for "Waterwell" is simplistic yet poignant as we're faced with each member individually as well as moments of performance with them altogether. This track kicks off strong with belting vocals & rhythm section joining in before really delving into the addicting pop punk sound we all know & love. This single and a few of their others feel loosely nostalgic to that late 90's-early 2000's pop punk sound, similar to The Starting Line. However, Life In Idle have concocted their own style as they blend in haunting harmonies with undertones of "emo" in their lyricism & production. 
Towards the end of the track, the listener is transported to a moment in time where they're seeing Life In Idle live at a gig. And I guarantee when you do, you'll be shouting the lyrics right back. 
These Ohio natives are ones you're going to want to keep your eye on in the scene, for sure. Make sure you show some love & support below.
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Written by Deirdre Kelly
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