Single Review: Pulses. - "No Good Can Come From This, But It Can't Get Any Worse"

pulses. single review

From Northern Virginia, dawns the post-hardcore/emo group, Pulses., who are bringing a fresh & addicting sound into the scene this new year. This four-piece band first teased their upcoming EP with the single, "Brand New Taste," which is a wonderfully fast-paced-in-your-face introduction to this new era. On February 19th, they dropped their second single, "No Good Can Come From This, But It Can't Get Any Worse." Although the long Fall Out Boy-esque titles can be daunting, we assure you it's a track you won't want to miss.
"No Good Can Come From This..." has bursts of angst & pent up rage that help orchestrate the overall erratic yet symphonious melody. Lead vocalist, Caleb Taylor describes it as "really trying to capture some older emo/screamo sounds with this one. Kevin [drums] came through & really helped me put to words what I wanted to express at this time." [x] This truly radiates throughout the track as listeners become automatically comforted by nostalgic yet nuanced guitar riffs & breakdowns. It's honestly not a Pulses. song if there isn't an insane guitar riff. 

Taylor's feeling of betrayal & pain is eminent throughout the song's lyrics: "I've got a hunch that you've never felt this before / I bear my heart and you throw it straight to the floor / Being a martyr isn't what I had in mind / You should've told me 'no,' I wasted my time." While it addresses another person or persons, it could also lend itself existentially, as Taylor screams grandiose, rhetorical questions into the universe. In my humble opinion, there's no better way to rid yourself of anger than screaming, so it's only natural. 

Photo by Sami Strong

If it's not obvious by now, Pulses. are already making waves. Now is the time to get on board & ride those waves! Stay tuned for their EP Speak Less due to drop this Friday, the 26th. Until then, show some love.


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Written by Deirdre Kelly
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