Single Review: Softcult - "House of Mirrors"

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90's-Y2K revitalization has become somewhat of a trend in the past few years considering most of its consumers have lived during that time & crave that blithe nostalgia. Music, such as Canadian duo Softcult, allow us to reflect back on that era while still being able to appreciate modern-day influences. Their debut EP, Year Of The Rat, was released back in April and another single, "Spit It Out," during the summer-- just enough to entice new listeners. Their most recent single, "House of Mirrors," melds together old-school shoegaze with dreamy indie rock.
Elements of Softcult's single "House of Mirrors" reigns reminiscent of the Loveless era of My Bloody Valentine with the psychedelic guitar distortions. It still maintains a soft yet striking soundtrack while blending dreamy vocals from them both. It lends itself as, yet another track from their catalogue, that is perfect for blissfully dancing alone with your eyes closed in your bedroom. 
The duo explains that the track is about "wanting to make the people in our lives proud, but feeling as though we've failed them by not living up to our potential." A feeling we're sure most young adults face, especially nowadays with digital access to endless lifestyle comparisons. And frankly, we just need to remind ourselves what's best for us personally. To quote their own lyrics:
"Who knows? / Who cares?"
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Written by Deirdre Kelly
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  • JudithPriest on

    Thanks for the review. Love House of Mirrors. The harmonies are beautiful and the riffs are tight. Can’t wait to hear more from Softcult.

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