Single Review: Wolf Rd - "As Good As It Gets"

single review wolf rd

Known for creating hard-hitting anthems that transcends genres, Wolf Rd are back with their latest single “As Good As It Gets.” The Chicagoland quartet, Chris Hoffman (vocals), Nick Hoffmann (drums / vocals), Geoffrey Duckmann (guitar / vocals), and Devin Stone (bass) – have always strived to create music that’s relatable and cathartic and their newest work is no different. 

While most are familiar with the infused pop-punk and metal blend that embodies their previous work, like their debut EP Nowhere Around You, but “As Good As It Gets” showcases a more delicate side. The track features acoustic guitars, as well as a guest vocal appearance by Sylvia Mendez. The addition of Mendez’s voice with Chris’ makes for a beautiful blend. The last half of the song soars, giving off a heartfelt feeling that resonates with you.

The heartfelt feeling is no accident, as this song touches on a subject we’ve all felt – the painful aftermath of a breakup. “Sometimes breakup songs can be nasty, but one thing that was really important to me was that I didn’t want this song to be one-sided,” Chris said. “I’m far from perfect, and when things fall apart both sides usually share some of the blame.” 

The feeling of a relationship that’s crumbling around you is so well done, down to the visuals. The central point of the music video for “As Good As It Gets” (seen below) features a party that’s been destroyed, taken apart piece by piece as the video progresses. It paints the metaphor of the tumultuous relationship portrayed by Hoffmann and Mendez. The video depicts their relationship from happy, intimate moments until it’s ultimate demise. Chris Hoffmann explains that the song became a “self-fulfilling prophecy for him” as he went through a difficult breakup during its writing process. 

Every feeling experienced during the writing process, translated over through the song. The feelings of love-loss, regret and longing are almost palpable. Lines like “you’re so in love, but not with me” hit on a level that makes you miss someone you were never even in a relationship with it’s that relatable. 

Wolf Rd created a song that’s therapeutic for the band and the listener. Just as it served as a cathartic release for them during its creation, its raw emotion hits you while also surrounding you like a warm hug, as if to say “I hear you, I understand, you’ll be okay.” “As Good As It Gets” is definitely not to be slept on.


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Written by Mikayla Anderson 
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