Singles Review: In The Mourning - "At What Cost (Deluxe)"

in the mourning pop rock singles review

California's In The Mourning pop rock group have only released one single (& one teaser) and they've already received an incredible response and support. The single, "At What Cost," really kickstarted their journey in the scene and became a part of the band's identity. It's only right to pay tribute to the debut by releasing various versions of this identity to fully appreciate its impact & personalities. 

Photo by Sanae Kato
This release of "At What Cost (Deluxe)" includes the original track, a remix featuring nightlife, an acoustic version, an instrumental version & an Avril Lavigne cover of "Complicated." 
The vocalist of the newly rising soul-punk band, nightlife, Hansel Romero features on the remix. They also had a hand in the single's production, so it was ultimately meant to be for a feature! Both of their voices complement each other greatly; between the harmonies and the runs, they sure know how to add some euphonic spice.
We're given the opportunity to hear a more vulnerable side to "At What Cost" with the acoustic rendition. With the verses still filled with the whimsical guitar plucks, the overall ethos of the song could now be interpreted as an emotional ballad in comparison to the fun-but-frustrated original. Although, you're welcome to sing it however you wish because In The Mourning also gift us with the instrumental, for all of my karaoke-lovers out there. And when you catch your breath, get ready for another sing-a-long because Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" leads us into the finale. (We got to level with you, though, Amanda Tran (vocalist) was made for this song, so be prepared to get showed up.)


In The Mourning will also be dropping 25 limited edition CDs of this deluxe record, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled. They truly are the gift that keeps giving. Show some love & support for your new favorite band.
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Photo by Sanae Kato 

Written by Deirdre Kelly
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