Singles Review: Like Pacific - "Ketamine Jesus"

like pacific pop punk single review

Canadian punk rock band Like Pacific recently made their comeback after a few years, kicking off a new era. Their next full length album, Control My Sanity, is due to release December 3rd through Pure Noise Records. The group gave us a taste of what's to come with a pair of singles, "Ketamine Jesus" & "Love Them and Leave Them." Check it out below.

Photo by Christopher Sherman
"Ketamine Jesus" is a signature Like Pacific punch-in-the-face rock track with layers of fierce electric guitar progressions & striking cymbals, perfect to incite a riot. Frontman Jordan Black's vocals are tailor-made for the punk genre as his euphonic yells add an element of heaviness to each track. The following single, "Love Them and Leave Them," seems to have a heavier ethos, although they both evoke pain & frustration. "Who's listening anyway? / And feeling the goddamn same? / Replacing the static in my brain / Love them and leave them." The overwhelming feeling of not receiving the love you deserve is visceral with each line. 
Like Pacific continue to prove their rightfully deserved seat in the scene. Each single has their own hard-hitting personality that increases anticipation for what's to come with the full length release. 


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Written by Deirdre Kelly

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