Singles Review: Lilac Queen - 'Things Are Different Now'

lilac queen shoegaze single review

New England's shoe-gaze group, Lilac Queen, have been on the rise in the scene for the past year or so & even more since signing to No Sleep Records. Earlier this month, the 5-piece band released 2 singles, "fences" & "piles" under the EP titled "things are different now." With only one previous EP released last year, they've already shown great growth & refinement in their sound.
Their first single, "fences," is a gripping preliminary track for anyone being introduced to them for the first time. The layers of the three flanged guitars and distortions all contribute to the signature ambient shoe-gaze sound while creating their own signature elements of guitar riffs & droning bass lines. This track also showcases Lily St. Germain's (one of the two vocalists) vocals and proves adaptability in their range per project. The final chorus lends itself to be truly goosebump-inducing with their vocal note change & the electrifying instrumental outro. 
Lilac Queen's sister single, "piles," immediately kicks off hard & heavy and maintains that grit throughout. This track moves its focus to their other leading vocalist, Doug DeMars with St. Germain harmonizing each heavy-hitting chorus as the lyrics tribute to the EP's title: "things are different now." The yearning lyrics are complemented with the cascading ethereal guitars. A subtle voice recording of a show or film plays during the bridge before the ultimate breakdown and whirring feedback into its finale. Each track graced with their own personality but make so much sense being accompanied by each other. 
Lilac Queen was on the brink of infiltrating the scene last year with live shows & exposure, but unfortunately came to a holt with the pandemic, as many other artists. Now, with a light at the end of the tunnel & new solid releases, the group is destined for greatness. Make sure to show some love by streaming, buying merch & following them on their socials in the meantime!
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Photo by Corinne Parece

Written by Deirdre Kelly
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