Streaming Into The Void


Whether you've been working from home, crafting, baking, or Animal Crossing-ing(?), you've been trying to stay as busy as possible to distract you from the stressful daily news. We feel you!
While we're stuck at home, so are your favorite bands & creators. It's actually exciting seeing all the different ways artists engage with their audiences during quarantine. The most common form of online interaction would have to be through streaming; primarily Twitch & Instagram live. Bandsintown recently announced a partnership with Twitch to help bands who are unable to tour during this time (more info here).


Statistics aside, we thought we'd recommend a few consistent streams from your favorite bands for you to join in on when you have nothing better to do!



Doug Cousins from Canadian pop punk band (& Sophomore Slump Fest '19 performers), Bearings, is no stranger to the Twitch community. However, he's has been streaming his gameplays more frequently along with some solo acoustic performances on his Twitch. Although it's not considering a livestream, they've also released a drum play-through for their song "Eyes Closed" & a guitar play-through for "Stuck In A Doorframe." No better time to learn your favorite song than in isolation! 


Our other Sophomore Slump Fest '19 friends in Grayscale have been very active on their Twitch during this quarantine. So much so that they've scheduled their segments for every week: NHL20 gameplay: "Philadelphia Shamrocks" Wednesday's & Sunday's at 7pm EST and guitar lessons with their guitarist Andrew Kyne: "Von Halen's Shred Shack" every Friday at 7pm EST. Their virtual hockey team consists of the whole band as players as well as their creative director, as they've meticulously customized their team from their fictional team Shamrocks jerseys to their home stadium. This gameplay stream also takes a few breaks in between games for band members, Collin Walsh & Nick Veno, to answer some fan questions during every stream.
Andrew Kyne, commonly referred to as "Von", hosts his own guitar lesson workshop on the band's Twitch every Friday, as well. The past few episodes, he's also virtually featured some guests for further entertainment, such as their bassist, Nick Ventimiglia & Rob Rich from Rich People. Learn your favorite Grayscale song from the expert himself!


State Champs

Ryan Scott Graham of State Champs & Speak Low If You Speak Love, has been spending his quarantine writing custom 2-3 minute songs for people! What a great way as a songwriter to keep those creative juices flowing during isolation (& another way to earn some money while off the road.) You can request your own personal song through his Cameo where you can give him a subject to sing about or an already-existing song to reference for sound & he'll create a beautiful acoustic melody tailored just for you. Check it out! 

Neck Deep

One of Britain's finiest, Neck Deep, are also pretty familiar with the streaming lifestyle. However, the frequency has definitely increased now that everyone has no choice but to be indoors killing time. They've been streaming games like Call Of Duty, Stranded & everyone's current favorite: Animal Crossing New Horizons. Gameplay is primarily done by the lead singer, Ben Barlow or their guitarist Matt West, but will often switch off, tag team or invite other members. All are very entertaining, we highly recommend.


All of the above are highly recommended for a pleasant viewing experience & to more importantly: kill the time in this eternal hell. What other streams have you guys been watching? Let us know!



Written by: Deirdre Kelly 

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