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If you don't already know about the eccentric Dallas rock band, The Happy Alright, let us introduce them to you. They've been all over the place the past few years ripping gigs with bands like Belmont, Young Culture, Chase Huglin, Rarity & more recently: Northbound. [Tickets to their Charlotte NC show on 3/24: HERE]

In any case, The Happy Alright dropped two "Backlot Session" music videos in the last few weeks & we just love them so much we had to share. These songs are featured on their EP, Thank You Very Much, released late last year.

What we initially think is a standard studio performance of their song "Your Couch," turns into a singalong in the middle of a heated argument between a nearby couple. Once the crew takes away the comfort of the couple's couch, that's when they choose to confront each other about their issues, ultimately leaving them in separate wooden chairs distanced from each other by the end. This could obviously still be interpreted in however you choose to perceive it, which is what's so great about this one along with the song itself. Despite the altercation occurring in the background, lead singer Sterling Gavinski, is all smiles during their performance. Hard not to smile with a song so groovy.

The Backlot Session of "Sleeping In Public" takes the more traditional approach along with projections of vibrant photography/videography & lyrics paint the blank walls behind them. A dope ass Powerpoint presentation, if you will. This song hits different, too, for those who realize it's alright to reach out for help. Don't burn yourself out, yo!

The Happy Alright are finishing up their shows with Northbound this Spring, so keep an eye out for what's in store next so you don't miss out! 

[ Stream Thank You Very Much HERE ]

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Written By: Deirdre Kelly

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