The History Of Sophomore Slump

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So we all know & love Sophomore Slump Fest, but do we know how far its come just over the past few years? Let’s take a walk down memory lane.


SSF 2016

Man, 2016 feels like it was just yesterday. Were you there for the birth of Sophomore Slump 3 years ago? We had the legendary Swedish rockers, Abandoned By Bears, the ever-so-addicting pop punk group, Knockout Kid, and Cincinnati’s favorite, Settle Your Scores to headline the “grand opening.” The supporting acts hailed mainly from the Midwest or locally as a matter of convenience & efficiency for the first ever Slump. Most of the bands who participated are still very active & killing it today.


SSF 2017


So, now that we knew what to expect, we could raise the bar a bit. SSF ’17 did just that. Another stacked lineup, but also gaining outside support from sponsors, ranging from clothing line companies to graphic designers. Everyone in the scene knows of Broadside now, but did you know they headlined our fest in 2017? Oh, you did? You were there? Oh, alright. Well, then you’ll probably remember our friends, Keep Flying helping out as well as Centerfolds, Kid Liberty (last ever performance to take), & Cedar Green. We kept some of our alums on the lineup while adding some new incredible acts like Scowl Brow, Sharptooth & Light It Up enhance the bad ass experience. Most acts were announced to be on the following year’s Warped Tour as well, which is so cool. 2017 was also the year we introduced an After Party which consisted of some fresh faces like 7 Minutes In Heaven, Rich People & A Summer High while still incorporating fest participants like Keep Flying & Harbour. Now, you got Broadside who did a dual-headlining tour with With Confidence in 2018 & releasing a new album this year and Keep Flying who are literally always on the road, releasing new tunes & who were going to open for Good freakin' Charlotte in PA (they announced that the show as canceled literally 2 minutes ago as I’m writing this so nevermind but it's still very dope.) An iconic year for SSF, basically.


After Party


SSF 2018

2018 was slumping amazing. Just when you think it can’t get better… it really does. Microwave, Free Throw, Forever Came Calling, & Can’t Swim headlined & oh MAN did they bring it. Let’s not forget the other incredible performers newly welcomed to the slump stage like bloom., Light Years, propersleep, & In Your Memory. Bands now coming from all over, far beyond our home base in NC. Not only were we curating another after party (hosted by Emo Raleigh), but we also held a warmup show for the fest AS WELL as a post-show to keep the party GOING. (We have really bad separation anxiety & just missed everyone too much to just let it end there.) Church Key, Summer Wars, Like Mike, Come Clean, & so many more (including comedy sets) brought major hype for both events. SSF ’18 also teamed up with more admirable sponsors to help create the unforgettable experience.


Weekend Warmup

After Party



So, I suppose the history lesson has come to an end. The takeaway being: impressive, right? Damn right, son! It’s about to get even more kickass.

What do you think Sophomore Slump Fest has in store this year? We’ve already announced the first wave of acts; do you have a guess for who’s gonna be on the next wave? STAY TUNED!

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