Top 10 Fall Tours You Won't Wanna Miss

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Fall tour season baby!!!!! PUNKin spice!!!!! Am I right!!!!!!

If you hated that you’re probably going to hate this whole thing but just read it anyways because this is all very valuable information & also don’t hurt my feelings. So... in no particular order....

1. Grayscale / Bearings / Belmont / Rich People

If you missed them with The Maine this Spring, you’re gonna wanna see them this Fall. Philly boys, Grayscale, are celebrating their impending third album, Nella Vita (out September 6th) (not named after Nabisco’s breakfast biscuits, belVita, contrary to popular belief), with a cross-country tour for a straight month hitting all your favorite cities. This stacked lineup includes our Sophomore Slump pals: Belmont, Bearings & Rich People (or Bich People if you want nice alliteration even though the only bitches they are is BAD) ………for support. Go show your support by grabbing a ticket! Ay! They’re going fast & Philly’s already sold out!


2. The Worst Of Us / The Lost Boys Collective / Deadland

We know you’ve been spinning The Worst Of Us’s self-titled EP since for a few months now, so why don’t you catch a date this fall so you can scream the lyrics in their faces? They’ll be showing up at all your favorite local spots along the East Coast & even showing some love to the Midwest on The Eternal Sickness Tour. If you do not attend, you will be eternally sick. Sucks. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. The Lost Boys Collective will start out supporting the tour in Cleveland & our friends in Deadland will be taking over for a few dates after playing the iconic Slump Fest. Waddaya waiting for?!?



3. A Day To Remember / Beartooth / I Prevail

So, there’s no 10 year anniversary tour of Homesick, but with this bill I will forgive them. If you missed A Day To Remember's summer run, now’s definitely the time to catch these Florida boys on The Degenerates Tour. They’re hitting up a ton of dates this Fall with the legendary I Prevail & Beartooth, starting off with appearances at Buffalo Riverworks (NY), Self Help Fest (MA) & Blue Ridge Rock Festival (VA) then diving into that headliner at the end of September. Also just need to say I Prevail’s latest record is hella dope so check it out if you haven’t yet. Tickets on sale now, yo!


4. Nominee / bloom. / Keep Flying / House & Home

Wawa or Sheetz? If you said Nominee you are correct. Our yeehaw Texas buds, Nominee, will be hitting the road in just a few weeks with some of our other faves, Keep Flying, bloom. and House & Home who’ll help out on some dates along the way. (Like, have you seen Keep Flying’s new music video for 'Miranda'? Insane.) They’re gonna be shows you will not wanna miss. With Forget Me Not Fest (Aug 31st) & Sophomore Slump Fest (Sept 6th) already on the agenda, they might as well make it a cross-country party. RSVP TO THE PARTY!


5. Worlds Greatest Dad

Here’s one wholesome band I will never stop talking about. If you’re still addicted to Worlds Greatest Dad's last LP, Get Well Soon, like I am, then you’re gonna wanna stop by on this run. Let’s not forget they participated at Sad Summer Fest in Atlanta alongside The Maine, Mayday Parade & State Champs, so they’re basically like, certified EmO GoLd. There will be some solid local acts on each date as support; Hit Like A Girl (NJ), niiice. (MI), & Earther (NC) to name a few. Perhaps we already have a tasty playlist for their show in Garner, NC? Listen to it here while you confirm your ticket purchase!

6. Speak Low / Elder Brother / Better Off

If Autumn were a band it would be Speak Low (makes sense to me so I’m leaving this in.) Ryan Scott Graham of State Champs’ project, Speak Low If You Speak Love, will be gracing the states this Fall, starting off September 21st in Massachusetts & closing out October 5th in California before he hops on his other tour with his mains in State Champs (stay tuned to hear about that one.) It’s been a MINUTE since they’ve done a headlining tour, so if you’ve been itching to hear more of Nearsighted live then now’s your chance. Did I mention that Better Off & Pure Noise Records’ Elder Brother will be supporting? (Yes, Elder Brother has that album that you couldn’t stop listening to last year with a man rowing through a sea of tulips on the cover & yes, you absolutely need to spin Better Off’s latest release ‘Reap What You Sow’ because it is gold.) (Here’s more words within parentheses for good measure.) So, for your own good: grab your tickets.

7. Knocked Loose / Rotting Out / SeeYouSpaceCowboy / Candy

Thought I got soft on you for a second? Try this one on for size!!!!! Another Pure Noise gem: Knocked Loose announced their fall tour a few months ago & it has been on my mind every night before I go to bed. This yeehaw originated hardcore group will be screaming across the country in the beginning of October into November promoting their highly anticipated upcoming LP, “A Different Shade Of Blue” which is to be released August 23rd. So you will have plenty of time to practice your screaming & thrashing in the privacy of your own home, don’t worry. Label mates, Rotting Out & SeeYouSpaceCowboy along with Triple B Records’ Candy will be causing a beautiful ruckus with them on this run. Choose which city to stage dive in below.


8. Capstan / Bilmuri / Rarity / Neverkept

Fearless Records’ Capstan recently announced their first ever headlining tour with friends Bilmuri, Rarity & Neverkept along the East Coast & Midwest for the majority of October. It seems as though they’ll be performing our favorites as well as teasing some new material… aka: you can say you heard it live before it was cool. Can we also talk about the killer up & coming acts supporting them? We all know & love Broadside (they’re doing a few dates this Fall as well) & their former guitarist, Dorian Cooke, departed earlier this year to pursue his project with Neverkept… aka: you will also love Neverkept. And although, there are a lot of dairy references that make my lactose-intolerant ass slightly uncomfortable— Bilmuri has to be one of the coolest upcoming bands right now (go stream ‘pasteurized milk' because why not.) Lastly, I will gush about Rarity because I’ve dug them for a minute now (& SSF buddies hello) but not too long ago they dropped probably my favorite track of theirs so far, Drown Me Out, off their upcoming album & it's just so dope. Hopefully all performed live? Right? Well, there’s one way to find out: go find out.


9. The Menzingers / Tigers Jaw / Culture Abuse

Ah, another Philly fave circling the map this Fall. It’s just a rule to see The Menzingers every time they stop by your city. Seriously. It is illegal not to attend a Menzingers show. Don’t look that up. I mean, Tigers Jaw & Culture Abuse are on the bill, so why wouldn’t you? Anywho, The Menzingers will be using this to promote their sixth album, Hello Exile, which comes out October 4th. The tour will go coast to coast; kicking off in Ohio on October 25th & run until December 7th touching down in Massachusetts. Hopefully, they have ‘Your Wild Years’ on the setlist at least 4 times. I also definitely have not forgotten how good Tigers Jaw is. Their last record, spin, was front-to-back fantastic. Perhaps they have something new to share on this run? Perhaps I’ll also get their early for Culture Abuse since I missed them this Summer? Perhaps I’ll see you there? Perhaps I should shut up?


10. State Champs / Simple Plan / We The Kings

Alright. Last, but certainly not least. Just announced yesterday: a dual headlining tour with Simple Plan & State Champs and special guests: We The Kings. Wowee! This Fall tour starts during the height of spooky season (10/29) & ends right before Christopher-Columbus-sucks season (11/24). So, if you missed Sad Summer Fest or you’re just a kid & your life is a nightmare… then this lineup may be just for you. Here’s to those cringey teen years of being misunderstood & checking yes to Juliet. ALSO I know the State Champs boys have mentioned a new album in the works, so maybe they will tease something this Fall???? Although I am still thriving off of Living Proof, I’m not gonna lie. Presale is happening right now & general sale will be on Friday at 10am EST.

I’m finally done rambling about some of my favorite acts & their slappin’ tours. Which tour are you most excited for? Which tours did I forget? Have you got your tickets to Sophomore Slump Fest yet? (You know we added Madball & Silent Planet, right?) Let me just leave another link here so you can go do that now, you nasty procrastinator. Love you.














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