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According to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, 6,659,587 of the state’s citizens are registered to vote, but only about 68% of them actually go vote. We’re here to help give you the low-down on the upcoming North Carolina elections so you don’t miss out.

The punk rock community has always been influenced by politics. It’s essentially how it was born; “rebelling from society’s norms” & shedding light on world issues. The Clash, Sex Pistols, Green Day, Minor Threat, etc. are known for their activism through music. I’m not trying to make this a thesis statement leading up to a MLA formatted essay that was due two weeks ago… but rather emphasize the importance of being involved regardless of personal political stance. Constantly complaining about how corrupt our government & society is, helps no one & is totally not punk. We live in a democracy whether we like it or not. Nothing is going to change for the better unless we all do our part to do better! Specifically towards the younger generations, millennials & gen-z alike, we're the future so make it count!

“Where do I start?!?” you may ask. Well, lemme help ya!


If you’re a US citizen, 18 or older, a resident of a county in North Carolina (or whatever state you’re from) for more than 30 days, & not currently serving a felony sentence… congrats, you’re all set to register to vote! Check out the link below, if you’re in NC, to start filling out a registration form. The deadline to register is August 16th, so don’t wait! But if you’re as forgetful as myself, you have the option to do Same Day Registration with a photo ID during the Early Voting Period: August 21-Sept 6th, but NOT on Election Day, Sept 10th.


North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District Special Election will occur on Tuesday, September 10th (6:30am-7:30pm). Since the district’s former incumbent, Walter Jones (R) passed away earlier this year, there will be a Republican primary runoff on July 9th involving candidates: Gregory Murphy (R) & Joan Perry (R). This district takes place in the eastern portion of the state including: Currituck, Camden, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Chowan, Tyrrell, Dare, Hyde, Beaufort, Pamlico, Carteret, Pitt, Craven, Onslow, Jones, Lenoir, & Greene.


The 9th Congressional District Special Election will also be held on September 10th. Those who will be running in the general election include: Dan McCready (D), Dan Bishop (R), Allen Smith (G) & Jeff Scott (L).


North Carolina 2019 election ballots will consist of these special elections, various school boards & municipal district topics. The cities of Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro & Raleigh will also be holding a general elections for their mayors & city council on November 5th, 2019. Filing deadlines for those elections are July 19th.


So, here are the important dates & notes to remember:

  • Early voting will be held between August 22nd to September 7th.
  • Absentee voting deadline: Sept 3rd (request) & Sept 10th (return)
  • You’ll ONLY need a photo ID if you’re voting for the first time in your county or are doing Same Day Registration during the Early Voting Period.

The line graph above shows the average ages of individuals who voted at last year's election in North Carolina. It's evident that there seem to be more older active voters than younger, but there is a steady increase in the younger generation. The millennial & gen-z demographics create a much bigger dynamic in the voting polls, which can lead to greater change. 

This post is obviously geared towards North Carolina residents but don’t let that stop you from looking up your own state’s information, if you’re out of state, so you’re prepared this election season. It’s important to know what you’re voting for, too, so do your research before attending the polls. Billie Joe would want you to vote. You can find your state’s voting information below:




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