WANTED: 'Brand New Eyes' 10 Year Anniversary Tour

2009 was quite a year for music. Recently, bands like Mayday Parade & All Time Low are announcing dates to celebrate 10 years of their albums’ releases. This got me thinking about other albums that were released in the same year that I would love to see live. In this case— I would die to see live. Brand New Eyes by Paramore (2009, Fueled By Ramen).


This Sunday will make it exactly 10 years since Brand New Eyes’ release. I vividly remember being gifted the CD from my parents alongside some black nail polish with a tombstone top in the spirit of the Halloween season. Fourteen, in my emerging emo phase, I quickly fell in love with what would be one of my favorite albums ever. Although, the CD has some scratches now & skips during “Brick By Boring Brick”, it remains in my car at all times.

Looking back, Paramore has really been the only constant in my life in terms of music reliability. Sure, they’d take a couple year long breaks, have band members come & go, but my support for them never wavered. One of my biggest regrets in life is not seeing them live before their tour with Fall Out Boy in 2014, since I really didn’t start going to shows until I was 16. But waddaya gonna do!

(Photo by: Deirdre Kelly)

Enough about me, let’s discuss why Brand New Eyes deserves more recognition & an anniversary tour. For those who aren’t very familiar with Paramore, you can admit you are very familiar with their one song, “The Only Exception,” which caught radio waves in early 2010. And for those who regularly attend Emo Nights, you’d definitely know their anger-riddled single “Ignorance.” Although, their sophomore album, RIOT! is definitely a fan favorite, I believe they really matured their sound with Brand New Eyes while still maintaining that alternative, anthemic sound we all love. There are no skips on this record; it is a necessary listen back-to-back. The record contains many neglected hits, like “Careful” & “Where The Lines Overlap,” that should be welcomed back into 2019. My personal favorite, “Turn It Off,” was revisited & performed a few years ago on their After Laughter Part I tour & couldn’t have been more ecstatic about it. Lead singer, Hayley Williams, has stated before she has no intentions to ever perform the last track on the album, “All I Wanted” because of the challenging vocals. This, however, will not stop me from yearning for it.

Paramore - Myspace Secret Show in Munchen 2009
(Photo from Warner Music Group)

I know there has been talk about the band having no plans to release new music any time soon and that’s fine— I respect that. Time is necessary for growth. I also know that since it is now September, the odds of this utopian tour to actually happen is very slim. However, I must speak it into existence! Even if it’s a 20th or 30th or 80th anniversary tour (both the band and myself: holograms)… I will be there and—WE! ARE! PARAMORE!

What album would you want to have its own anniversary tour or one-off show? Let us know, we wanna hear from you!

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