Where The Women At?

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The beginning of every new year is always exciting, especially since it's typically when festivals are announced. It wasn't until the Reading & Leeds Festival lineup was announced that people really had something to say about the lack of female representation. 

Amongst the discussion of this festival & many others, Matty Healy from The 1975 chimed in on Twitter promising to no longer play gender-biased festivals. If this is followed through or not, it will hopefully encourage other predominantly male bands & artists to acknowledge this ongoing bias & support women artists by being their allies as opposed to competition.   

There's always the argument that there simply "aren't enough female artists" to fill the bill. To that I say... are you sure? There are SO many powerful, talented women in the industry that deserve far more recognition than they receive & they're right in front of you. If your music collection consists of primarily male artists, try branching out! The least we can do is give our support for festivals in the future to acknowledge the amazing acts they could have on the bill if they paid attention. 

Book More Women on Instagram & Twitter is a great source as well, as they provide statistics & visuals depicting the lack of female/non-binary representation throughout the festival world (like the photos above.) They also mention each festivals improvement in booking more women from each year. Their bio states "In 2017, only 26% of acts playing US festivals featured at least 1 woman or non-binary musician."

This is just some food for thought, inspired by some chaotic debates seen on Twitter in the last few days. Who are some of your favorite female artists right now? Let us know in the comments & support your fellow women!!!


Written By Deirdre Kelly

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