Chicago, IL’s Action/Adventure combines punchy Pop Punk lyricism with the heavy tones indicative of their Hardcore roots into one complete package brimming with pure energy. The intricacies of their writing paired with a lineup composed of characters from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities makes A/A truly stand out amongst the Pop Punk genre. The band formed in late 2014, releasing their debut EP “Rumble Pak” in June 2015. The album quickly became an anthem for heavy hitting Pop Punk fans, accruing more than 2000 streams on Spotify alone. The band went on to release the EP "Last Minute Stuntman," one year later, bringing them to nearly 500 monthly listeners on Spotify by the end of 2017. Throughout their career, Action/Adventure has shared the stage with talented acts such as The Color Morale, Broadside, Kid Liberty, and Light Years. They have toured regionally, throughout the Midwest and East Coast, performing twice at Sophomore Slump Fest in 2016 and 2017. Moving forward, these Chicago boys have set their sights on releasing new music and touring to new areas to satiate an ever-growing fanbase across the United States.





"From The way, front man Blake Evaristo interacted with the crowd to how bassist Alex Oregel moved around like a madman to Adrian Brown’s precise drumming, this is a band that plays like a well-oiled machine." -TUNED UP



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